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MoreJoy Media NOVA's programs have been produced to bring Northern Virginia music and information our community needs. 


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MoreJoy Media is proud to offer radio with an unprecedented format and mission of, programing, only positive content.  To that end we welcome three programs from Racman Christian Radio: Playing music from newcomers in the world of CCM "The Racman Show" is likely the expert at finding the best new artists. Then there is "the Worship Show which is just, top to bottom, the best worship radio you're going to hear. "The Freedom Show" brings you the best in Christian Rock, EDM, Gospel and other up tempo high energy fare of music in one place or show! Keep coming back to see what's new on the MoreJoy Radio air waves. Remember the music is selected very carefully to make sure the content on our station is positively Encouraging, Inspiring, Entertaining and Informational. We truly hope that you are infused with More Joy!